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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
THE COURT LIST. Lord Fitzwilliam. Sir Charles Gilmour. *Charles Gore. H. Arthur Herbert8. Sir Henry Liddel7. John Plumptree8. Sir John Ramsden9. Strange (Solicitor-General). Cholmley Tumor. JohnTalbot10. General Wade n. James West12.
0 Afterwards Earl of Powis. Wai-pole.—Henry Arthur Herbert (circ. 1703-1772), cr. Baron Herbert of Cherbury, Dec. 21, 1743; Earl of Powis, 1748. He served in the army; •was Comptroller of the Household, May-Nbv. 1761; Treasurer of the Household, 1761; General, 1772.
7  Afterwards Lord Eavensworth. Walpole.—Fourth Baronet; or. Baron Eavensworth, June 29, 174,7; M.P. for Morpeth; d. 1784.   He was the father of Horace Walpole's friend and correspondent, the Countess of Upper Ossory.
8  He had a place in the Ordnance. Walpole.
9  Third Baronet, of Byrom, Yorkshire ; d. 1769.
10  Son of the late Lord Chancellor,   and   afterwards   a   Judge. Walpole.
11 Afterwards Field-Marshal. Walpole.—General George Wade (1673-1748), M.P. for Bath. He commanded in the Netherlands (1744), and was at the head of a body of troops sent against the rebels in 1745.   He is best known as the maker of roads through the Highlands.
12  Afterwards  Secretary  of the Treasury.    Walpole.—M.P.  for  St.
THE OPPOSITION LIST. George Bubb Dodington13. Nicholas Fazakerley. Henry Furnese. Earl of Granard. Mr. Hooper14. Lord Limerick15. George Lytteltonlfl. John Phillips17. William Pitt18. Mr. Prowse19. Edmund WaUerzo. Sir Watkyn Williams Wynn.
Albans; he was an antiquary, and made a good collection of MSS. and curiosities; d. 1772.
13 Had been a Lord of the Treasury. Walpole.
w Had a place on the change of ministry. Walpole.—M.P. for Christ-church; an authority on finance. He was uncle of the first Earl of Malmesbury, to whom, he left his seat, Heron Court, Hampshire.
i5 Afterwards King's Remembrancer. Walpole.—This office (Chief Remembrancer of the Court of Exchequer in Ireland) appears to have been, held by Lord Limerick's son, James Hamilton, second Earl of ClanbrassiL (See Complete Peerage.)
18 Afterwards Cofferer. Walpole.
17  Afterwards a Lord of Trade and Baronet.    Walpole.—Sixth Baronet, of Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire.
18  Afterwards   Paymaster.    Walpole.
19  Thomas  Prowse,  a  Tory   and M.P. for Somersetshire; he declined the Speakership   of  the  House of Commons in 1761; d. 1767.
20   Afterwards    Cofferer,      Walpole.